Wednesday, October 19, 2011

I have been gone too long

I have been away from here for far too long and the days here are getting more wet and depressing.  I have been so busy trying to run an in home daycare, keeping up with my Mumfection blog, party planning like a madwoman cause this is a super busy month for that with me.  Then to top it all off I am still managing to squeeze in a work out everyday for the most part.  I mean Sundays sometimes get pushed to the side if i'm lucky enough to have nothing to do but recover from a busy weekend.  Usually my Sundays are spent cleaning the house from ceilings to base boards which still manages to work up a HUGE sweat.  Partly because my apartment is like living in a sweat box sometimes lol, or I just sweat an unnatural amount... which I've always thought to be true. 

Now since I have been away I haven't lost a lot of weight, I don't think, but i FEEL soo great and my energy level is better than ever.  I have created a monster... so big that I can't stop planning events and am now doing a Halloween Costume Party for my birthday coming up.  The decorations are going to take at least three days to do and finish, then I have to make all the themed food so I'm in panic mode and I'm kinda loving it in a sick way lol.  I have also discovered that having a daycare opens up doors to many ways to get free exercise we go on hikes and on rainy days we do silly and fun aerobics that everyone can get in on.  I am feeling sexy people and that puts a smile on my face... or maybe it is just the sexy Halloween costume I can't stop myself from trying on over and over again.  Regardless I am happy and I would love to hear the same from all of you. 

What are some of your fav fun ways to get your sweat on during the fall season??  I have to admit running the track on a cold Fall night as the leaves fall is pretty amazing and it smells just like Halloween outside MMmmmm.

I missed you guys!