Tuesday, July 3, 2012


I have recently found myself having a LARGE addiction to Quinoa and I am not shy in sharing why.  There are so many amazing reasons to eat Quinoa that I had to take the time to share them with you and get all of you really addicted to it as well!! 
  • Quinoa is a great source of vitamins, minerals and is a complete protein!  It has nine essential amino acids, has a super high iron content (important in pregnancy), not to mention full of magnesium, calcium, fiber, manganese, folate, vitamin B6 and phosphorous.  Truly something that HAS to be in your house!! 
  • You can put Quinoa in just about anything and everything from salads to desserts making it a really easy go to ingredient to add that little extra balance to your daily diet!
  • Quinoa is actually gluten and wheat flour FREE something that I know a few people in my life are concerned about not just waistline wise but allergy wise!  This again is a GREAT option and again adds more to your balanced diet than say rice would.  
  • Believe it or not Quinoa is actually known to even prevent the clogging of arteries and veins, in turn preventing un-needed stress on your heart, something to consider for many of you ESPECIALLY women and it can also lower your cholesterol! 
  • Lastly it is really good on your wallet and it is SUPER easy to cook, both GREAT things for a busy family needing help getting all they need out of each meal. 
So the next time that you are grocery shopping I highly suggest adding this to your list.  It tastes GREAT, there are a million different things you can do with it, and there is no way you can't completely fall in love with it with the amount of health benefits it has.