"The Little Fat Girl" aka Eschelle
I was 115 before my eldest was born when i was 19-20, after two kids my body is certainly double what i used to be... I want to regain my body back!  I want to love myself enough to actually follow threw and change my lifestyle for the better WITH a low income.  This is my journey.  I'm the little fat girl that could.

"Fitness Mama" aka Erin
Fitness is one of my favorite things, especially now that I am a disabled mother who suffers from constant pain and loss of motion in my right arm. I use the workouts not only to stay fit and healthy but as physical therapy to be able to take care of my daughter better. Having an anorexic past I am proud to say I am a healthy 114 lbs 6 months after giving birth. I'm excited to encourage other Mothers get fit and reach their goals!

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