Friday, April 29, 2011

are my add-ons making me put-on???

I have begun to notice how I depend on condiments for flavor, and how I never bother to keep track of exactly how much I put on what I eat or how many calories they have.  I am still loosing so I guess it can't be that big of an issue for me, but I do LOVE my mayo... and I know that is horrible for me lol.  I also came across this amazing blog post on yummy mummy, that really brought to my attention the calories in things like mayo etc.  I figured I would take her lead and talk about the same sort of thing BUT only talk about the things I use most commonly.

Our first suspect?  MAYO! 


This naughty little fry dip, sandwich lubricator; whatever your sin this stuff can run you up to 100cal/tbsp!  Not to mention the fact that ALL the calories you do see in this ends up turning directly into FAT.  Yes ALL.  I can even guarantee that you mayo users, like myself, probably use more than one EXACT tbsp too... sooo... eeww.  But guess what I found for us mayo lovers???  A "no-egg" mayo recipe.  I know, I know I am amazing... super easy too.  I tried it, and played around with it a bit, and I quite like it! 

Our second, not so guilty pleasure??? Horseradish!


I LOVE LOVE LOVE this stuff on my steaks... not that I should be eating those steaks anyways lol.  But lucky for us this isn't going to run you up too badly, I bet the more spicy the less you'll use too, so keep that in mind if you notice you're using too much of the "mild" horseradish.  Horseradish traditionally will run you up to 2cal/tsp... not too bad.  Again especially if you use less of the "hot" horseradish :D! 

My childs weakness and numero uno fav condiment??!!  Peanut Butter! 


Now don't get all up in Mr. PB's face here, he isn't ALL bad.  He does prove to be an amazing source of protein, fiber, vitamin B6, and even a bunch of antioxidants.  With that though comes 188cal/2tbsp; but, like I said, it isn't all bad lol.  There are some other great ideas for "butters" out there TONS in fact I was rather blown away.  

Mommy's biggest sin is Red Hot's Hot sauce.  I literally put that Sh!t on everything. 


This stuff is GREAT on wings heehee, grilled cheese's, chicken ANYTHING i love it.  Anyways the Cheyenne in it does rev your metabolism by 25% for up to two hours so I can't really argue with that... especially with how much I eat it lol.  But what are the real numbers?? 138cal/8oz. you also have to consider the amount of sodium in this which is: 372.52mg- 15% of your daily intake... just saying.  Lathering this on your salty deep fried wings isn't the most heart healthy thing.  Try baking your wings, not adding salt to the cooking process and make sure your not mixing salted butter with your hot sauce before bathing lol.  Just a LITTLE bit better right?? lol. 

What are some of your favorite condiments???  Let me know and maybe i'll bust them for you!! lol


Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Thank you So much!!

I have to start by saying what an amazing reaction I received from my smoking stats!  I also have to thank two great peeps for LFG some awards!!! You have no idea how much that means to me especially since my content has been lacking lately.  Again some more apologies for that!! At least I only stopped writing not loosing right!?!? lol.

The awards, you ask??


from our bestest chubby buddy!


This one requires that I do a bunch of things so i'll try my best to get it all out, but don't get excited here ppl lol!!

Name three things that I have found hardest about my journey:

Name five things that you have enjoyed about your journey:
1) never having to see the number 200 again.
2) the overall feeling of accomplishment
3) compliments!!!
4) I can fit into regular clothes and it keeps getting better!!
5) enjoying myself more and feeling more outgoing actually.... but doing more things means less time for you folks :( TEARS OF SADNESS!!! lol

Then I have to pass it along, well folks I don't really have time to go around to ALL of you who deeply deserve this motivation as well.  Honestly, you kids kick butt and you all deserve it too so take it, by all means you earned it peeps!!

PLUS a Versatile award!

This requires me to tell you seven things about me:

1) I am lazy... who knew!
2) I am tired
3) I am stressed out today with meetings coming up new day care clients etc.
4) Soon summer will be here and I will be outside ALL THE TIME and i'm super excited... traditionally I don't really enjoy summer.
5) I need and AC unit for the upcoming summer.
6) I think all these things i'm sharing are relatively boring and I just want to sit down on the couch and enjoy the nap time and so seldom-ly comes throughout my day. 

given to me from; to Find the Line. She is a really awesome chick trying to juggle ALOT just like ME, and misery LOVES company lol.

I am also supposed to pass this along to 15 up and coming blogs I have found... When I have time to find them I will pass them along guys!! 

Monday, April 18, 2011

QuitNow Stats!


Anyone who knows me, knows how anti-smoking I am.  I hate it.  Hubby still smokes... anyways I wanted to encourage others to take the step by sharing my stats from Quit now which I discovered a few years ago now.  

Your Quit Date is: Sunday, February 17, 2008 at 4:15:00 AM
Smoke-Free: 1155 days, 47 minutes and 28 seconds
Cigarettes NOT smoked: 6930
Life-Time saved: 1 month 22days and 22hours
Money saved: $1,212.75

Yup, yup pretty darn happy about this let me tell you!  So jump on the bandwagon and QUIT!  Cause it is sad when you can't love yourself enough to stop and stick around in this world. 

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Instead of Scrumptious Sundays!!

Alright I am dying for some more followers and i'm sad that it is slow going despite my "whoring" if you will lol.  I decided that today, since I had nothing yummy to share that I would join a hop, a great hop!  So I hope to meet some new great gals/guys!

Welcome to Relax & Surf Sunday, with your hostesses The Life of Rylie…and Bryce too! and Shibley Smiles! This is a great blog hop for everyone to make new friends! You can find some new blogs to check out, and also get your blog out there and gain some new followers.
Sunday Blog Hop Shibley Smiles

Here are the rules…
Wait, there are no rules! That is the whole point behind “Relax & Surf”. We just want you to relax, and surf around as much as you want to. You don’t have to make a post. You don’t have to post our button. You don’t even have to follow us. Of course we hope you like our blogs and will want to follow us, and we WILL follow back! Just add your blog to our linky at the bottom of this post, and visit as many blogs as you would like to. If you decide to follow a new blog, make sure you leave them a comment so they will know you are following them.
Each week we will randomly select one blog from the previous week’s entries to be our featured blog for that week. If that blog happens to be yours, you will get a cute little button to display on your blog, and you will also get the #3 spot for that week!

Our Featured Blogger this week is Kimberly’s Scribbles

Why not join a hop today?!?!  It is sunday!!

I will be reading all the blogs this evening after 3pm as the rest of the day I will be cleaning and preparing for a meeting in my home for someone wanting daycare.  I hope I get it even if it is for one day, 45.00 cash in my pocket; sounds brilliant!! 

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

And I'm The Nice One

Ya that's what you think going into Bob Harper's new workout DVD Pure Burn Super Strength.  You've seen The Biggest Loser on TV and have seen Jillian yell but not so much with Bob. Everyone loves Bob as he has assumed the role of the nice trainer on the show. Well you might change your mined after you do this DVD.

There are two workouts to chose from. A short 20 minute workout where Bob does a nice job in that short amount of time of giving you a total body workout. The other portion of the DVD is a 60 minute workout. Now this no in and out pussyfoot through it workout. This is one of the toughest weighted workouts I have done! So with that said lets take a look at what make this workout a killer...

Bob gives you a nice stretching warm up then gets right to work. He starts you out with weighted squats, push-ups and a bicep curl into a should press. He has you do this a few times till he adds bur-pees into the mix so you are now doing squats, bur-pee, push-up and bicep curl into a shoulder press. He alters it here and there with holding the weights up or staying halfway down in a push-up. After that Bob has you do rows and dead-lifts. He then proceeds to bring on the torture with a series that includes front raises, side raises and pinkie up raises, this is hitting all three points of your shoulders and gets tough pretty fast. He asks you to hold these raises as well! He then goes back to rows and then does the arm raise sequence again.

You are then given a 30 second water brake and can rest quickly. Bob now has covered most of the upper body and now moves on to the lower. With one weight in hand Bob has you do lunges staying on the same leg. After about a dozen or so he has you pass your weight under your legs from hand to hand. This forces you into a deeper lounge and gives you better posture during the exercise. After the lounges a single arm row in a squat is expected, then the whole lounge, row squat routine is preformed again and finished up with jumping lounges. Bob now intends to work on your biceps and triceps with bicep curls and over head triceps extensions. After that bob has you move to the floor, with skull crushers and chest presses that lead on to an ab crunch series. Your back standing now but single legged this time. You are expected to balance and do hammer curls. Next are forward and side extensions that continue in a squat position. Then still in that dang squat, you start to do weighted jump squats then chair pose expected.

Bob goes back to the triceps then brings you back down to the floor to do the skull crushers, chest press and ab sequence again. Next comes a vicious plank series. Plank rows are followed by T-stands with weights and more push-ups! This gets pretty tough with how fatigued your body is by now. You move back into lounges, but this time it's a three sided lounge, front, side and back. A standing weighted pullover is done before you start the three sided lounges on the other leg. Bob has you holding your weight out straight to isolate the arm. This is done on both arms in the front and to the side. Then Bob allows you to have another break before he makes you do one last plank series. Starting out in a lowered plank (on your elbows) he has you raise and lower your hips then twist them side to side. The last bit is a raising the knee up to your elbow (you are on your hands now) and switching slowly to the other leg. Once done a few times Bob has you speed up for the end of the workout. The cool down is so nice after that brutal workout! Your body definitely needs the stretching.

This is in fact a killer of a workout! Bob although his seems like a sweetie pie as a person is a murderous workout beast in the gym. I can promise you that sweat will be pouring from you by the end. I'm sorry but Jillian has nothing on Bob. As far as doing this with my arm it was tough at some points. I had to take mini breaks (5-10 seconds and stop then return to the exercise) to fully do this workout. It is by no means a beginners workout. Although I'd give you props to try it just make sure you modify it!

~Fitness Mama

Monday, April 4, 2011

Could your mind be your secret weight loss weapon?!?!?!?!?

Could your mind be the secret to your weight loss???

I have been struggling recently trying to find a great topic for us to talk about here.  I know how much of you have been missing my informative content and I didn’t want to disappoint you with something dull.  I was hunting around for ideas on the web and came across the idea of “Habituation.”  It’s basically the reduction of stimulus after repeated exposure.  Now I know what you are all thinking.  What on earth does this have to do with losing weight?? 

Well after googling this idea I came across some great Dr. Oz footage that explains EVERYTHING!!  I know it is three parts but after you watch the first one you will definitely continue to the other two.  


Now to many of you this idea may sound silly, the thought of visualizing yourself eating every bite BEFORE actually eating a meal seems ridiculous; but I just can’t ignore those numbers.  I can’t ignore the clear medical evidence of how we response at bite 20 vs. bite number one.  

Dr. Oz also touches on how this technique would be ideal for those who eat emotionally, like myself.  The concept that mastering your minds view and reaction to food could ultimately be the key to mastering my weight.  How simple; how obvious… must be easier said than done.  

Best part is this can also be adapted to other parts of your life!! Who knew!!  I know you are all thinking that this is pretty far-fetched and completely in-adaptable to daily life, but I think a little bit of practice can go a long way.  Start with your least stressful meal of the day; you know the one that you aren’t feeding something, mopping up something etc. etc.  A mealtime where you get to actually sit, even if its just a snack while the brats are sleeping, give it a try.  Not like trying it is going to do anything horrible to you, you will survive if you try it.  So go for it, enjoy your meal with EVERY sense I mean our love for food got us into this mess who is to say it can’t get us out of it once and for all!

Friday, April 1, 2011

my official numbers

Alright everyone this is the official update from the last little while.  Now my starting number (weight wise) was 200.9 lbs.  A dreadful number filled with ugliness lol.  I hope to never see that number again and I am not soo far off that I can afford to slack off anytime soon.

Over the last little while I have battled lack of time, kids, no money, depression, my lack of will power EVERYTHING.  The numbers are going down slowly but I can't complain when I am trying my best and doing what I can and the numbers aren't going up right??!!  Any loss is a good one and I will take it.

So with roughly made BETTER food choices, moderate exercise of all kinds, and patience this is our number ladies.

My weight is now 194 lbs!!  I know not too much, but WAY better than I thought it was going to be cause I have been really slacking it the last couple months with this move.  I also haven't watched what I have been eating as we don't really have a budget right now for me to be making picky food choices.  Yes i know it sucks crap food is cheaper but it is better than starving so sorry folks.  Sorry my numbers aren't higher to make you proud of me but i'm doing it!  And I am doing it my way!  But doing it my way has only lost me 6.2 fucking pounds... upset... discouraged... definitely going for a run around the track in the rain tonight so there better be no god damn soccer practices on that field tonight... I hate running when ppl are staring at me. 

~Guest Post~ Janice Planet and how she did it.

Since I know a lot of you have been wondering how I did it and I told you, I thought another perspective would be GREAT!  So Thank you Janice for sharing with us a little about your journey!  

While I was in law school, time was the last thing that I had. From attending lecture to burying my nose in my books, I had very little time to exercise. Late night pizza-fueled cram sessions, coupled with long bouts of physical inactivity resulted in me gaining a lot of weight while in a law program in Boston. Let’s just say that the unbearably cold weather and stress didn’t help. The next thing I knew, my clothes didn’t fit and I felt tired and worn out.

When I graduated and began working, I decided that it was time to lose the 15 pounds I had gained and to get fit. I knew that I would have trouble beginning a routine, so I got smart and hired a Personal Trainer. My trainer taught me how to work out effectively so that I had to spend less time in the gym, but with greater results. Because I hadn’t worked out in a long time, I started slowly and adding on more time and intensity as my body adapted to moving more. I started running, doing yoga and weight training, and while it was hard at first, it was such an amazing feeling of accomplishment when I started to see the results. I would run three days a week, strength train twice a week and do yoga as often as I could.

Lately, I have been working out with friends and that has been a very good habit for me because it keeps me accountable and it makes it a lot more fun! I also sneak in activity wherever I can, whether that means taking the stairs or washing the car instead of taking it to get washed by someone else, just to get a little extra heart-healthy activity in my day. Now, I still work out 5-6 times a week and I have kept the weight off and feel amazing.

In addition to exercise, I also completely changed my eating habits. While I was in school, I survived on greasy pizza, ice cream, ramen noodles and anything quick and cheap. I snuck in the occasional apple, but the nutritious items basically stopped there. I grew up eating fairly unhealthful foods, so when it came time to change my diet, I really had no idea where to begin.

I decided I needed some professional help. With my experience, I realized that if you want to see quick results, it’s important to consult with a Dietitian. My dietitian taught me portion control, which foods to eat and when and how to eat to fuel my body for my workouts and to have more energy. I started avoiding processed foods and sugars, and began eating more fruits, vegetables, lean proteins, whole grains and healthy fats. I filled my plate up with more vegetables and fruits and limited my night time snacking. After just a couple of days on my new diet plan, I felt like a brand new person. Losing weight isn’t always an easy thing, but having the help of a personal trainer and a dietitian made all of the difference in the world.

By Janice Planet