Thursday, March 31, 2011

How do I do it?!??!

I was asked the other day about how I manage to still loose weight, move, blog, take care of two kids, entertain the idea of finding more employment, not to mention clean my house, myself, and eat.  Well the answer is simple.  I do it within and inch of my sanity.  Yup that's right, I bust my butt and MAKE time for things.  I do squats when I do dishes, when I put my dishes away I do a modification of a, what I call, "lazy-burpees."  I try to exercise as soon as I put the kids down for a nap; luckily I have that option for the time being.  Right now my hubby is also usually home currently so that helps, he tries to keep the kids away from me as I do my Wii B.S. 

What else do I do??

Well, one I don't own a car so every time there is any shopping to be done I must walk to the store and back again pushing/carrying groceries.  There is also no elevator in my building so I am forced to walk up a couple flights of stairs with the kids, groceries and stroller.  Let me tell you I don't go shopping without my hubby, sometimes we even take the bus to the store and back depending on where we go.  But we have a few options within walking distance of us which is really lovely. 

I also play.  Just like a kid.  When I go to the park with them I try to jump around and play on the monkey bars too, there is a reason why they have play grounds ppl... they are free gyms!  Plus who doesn't like to take a few minutes to swing on the swings just like you used to right?!?!

I mean this looks like a blast!!  This is a park I used to play at as a kiddo.  We bused quite a bit to get there lol!  But it was worth it for the pictures!
Seriously you just have to take advantage of sunny days and even the rainy ones.  My Eldest just LOVES to jump in puddles and how on earth could I take that from him?!  Plus running and jumping for me is great exercise lol.  So give it a try just take advantage of what everyday brings you.  If it is a laundry day and you at stuck folding, why not stand up and do it while squatting or just marching on the spot to burn those extra calories.  I am not saying that I do these things EVERY DAY all the time, everyone has their lazy days and you are entitled to that.  But always remember to get out whenever it's nice out, check out your neighborhood, go bird watching, hunt for plant clippings or just enjoy the scenery... before you know it you've walked for an hour or more!  And you would have enjoyed yourself.  No pressure just baby steps and TRUST me the next thing you know you'll be jogging and walking; then running.  You'll surprise yourself. 

Today I am taking eldest on a walk to plant some apple seeds just for kicks.  No idea where but I am just going to go for it :).  Hope you all do to! 

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Still losing!!!

I am back on track people!! I have been without internet for a while now and I have felt as though I have been left on an Island with no one but my kids and hubby.  That's right I have wanted to go MAD!!!  So anyways I have to say that I am still loosing weight!!! I have no clue exactly how much I weigh exactly; I am too tired to get the exact numbers and convert them from my Wii so you'll just have to wait and i'll update lol.  I have also lost TWO inches!!! I can now fit into this cute dress I bought myself a long while ago!! It wouldn't go over my hips or zip near my boobies and NOW IT CLOSES!!  Still super tight but it CLOSES!!

I am just so happy to be back, to STILL be on track.  I wanted to take this time to have an open discussion.  What would you like to learn??? What struggles have you been trying to find solutions to etc???  ASK EM ALL!!! Tell me where to begin this new era or weight-loss.  Tell me how to help you!!!

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Scrumptious Sundays!! Oh Please Dulce De Leche Me!

Ok I did it something I didn't I'd do. I wanted to down my fat intake some so... I gave up my lunch time ice cream and replaced it with some sugar free jello pudding snacks (which turns out is a cheaper thing to do anyway). In ice cream I have grown a fond love for caramel flavors, so I thought a good replacement my caramel ice would be the Dulce De Leche pudding.

I peeled off the classic blue aluminum seal which blocked me from the caramely goodness that waited for me inside. On top was a dulce de leche layer which was very rich and gooey (as caramel should be). Beneath it was a nice caramel flavored pudding, thick and shiny. The first words which entered my mind when I tasted this dessert was rich. This is a rich not so bad for you caramely dessert!

At first I was trying to be strategic about how I was eating this layered dessert. Trying to get a bit of both the topping and pudding in eat spoon full, you know trying to be all classy about it. But then something happened and took over my body. I just went crazy and mixed it all up. I have to say I kinda liked it better all mixed up. The flavors were perfectly balanced so each taste bud go the perfect combo sweetness.

Anyway you chose to eat this  delectable golden dessert is good. With only 60 cal and 1 gram of fat Jell-O knocked this outta the park!
Thanks Jell-O!

~Fitness Mama

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