Monday, January 3, 2011

We Can All Use A Little Advice :D

When Eschelle first asked me to do some guest posts on her new fitness blog I was so excited and honored! Fitness is a very big part of my life it has been since I started to fight the anorexia battle back in 2001. I weighed 136 lbs in high school and was wearing a size 12/13 (I'm 5'3") and my Dad told me I was fat. So I started to exercise and slowly cut down my foods. I fought anorexia for a good few months then started eating (I limited my foods), but the feeling that I needed to workout never left me. Speed walking for 2 hours or more everyday was my drug and it was hard to give it up.

I finally got healthy when I met my husband, but I still exercise and watch my eating habits to this very day. I am a healthy 115 lbs and can fit into a size 2 (this is after giving birth to my 6 month old). I am by no means a personal trainer, nutritionist or any officially educated Dr. on eating or fitness, but I have read lots of information, studied and know what works and what doesn't. I'd love to start by sharing with you some free resources. The excuse I can't afford to workout (gym, equipment) doesn't apply anymore these days.

To start I suggest everyone sign up with Sparkpeople. This site is awesome! It has wonderful resources, community, a calorie counter, fitness tracker and even some workouts! Knowledge is key when you are trying to lose weight and starting a fitness routine! The main thing to remember is that you need to burn what ever calories you put into your body! You also need to get a good variety of workout videos! Exercise TV is one of my favorite sites to find a free full length workout video. You can also checkout Hulu for some workout and if you have NetfIixs then you can watch some videos live stream or request any workout DVD.

It's very important to start out slowly and work your way up and remember changes don't happen over night! Finding a trainer you like is also a good idea. Your not gonna want to workout if you can't stand the trainer lol! This is something you are doing for your body, mind, spirit and your family!

I'd love to introduce you to some of my favorite trainers, do some workout reviews and answer questions or comment you might have.

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  2. I am anorexic too. Its bad. Nice post love it and is helpful!

  3. I am so excited to have found this blog thanks to Eschelle's visit to mine. I always need advice and encouragement to regain my fitness enthusiasm even though I am a qualiied fitness instructor I have let myself 'go' over the last few years. I'll turn over a new leaf thanks to this blog and get myself sorted in the next few weeks. Thank you and obviously I am a new follower.
    Warm wishes
    Carol from