Sunday, February 20, 2011

Scrumptious Sundays! Healthy Chicken Marinade

So I wanted to find a good souvlaki recipe since my hubby loves it so much and it would be a nice change from the usual junk we have in the house plus I figured it was easy to adapt into a "healthy" version.  So I did!  I shall share it here with you!!

you'll need:
boneless skinless chicken breast
lemons I used two small ones for two breasts so guess how many you'll need 
sea salt 

whisk together seasonings, EVOO and lemon juice. 
Throw together in a ziploc bag and marinade.
I have to make sure to tall you all to make sure that you don't let the marinade sit for longer than an hour.  If you notice that the chicken has started to go white you've let it sit too long.  The acid, if left too long, will change the texture and taste of your chicken apparently.  I saw this on a cooking show a while ago and have followed the rule and YES it makes a difference!!

Now my first instinct would have been to cut it up in to cubes, skewer with mixed vegetables, but guess who wouldn't eat it if i did that?!! My hubby so this is how we made it and this is his plate cause I gave him the best piece I paired mine with salad and corn instead of the toasted rice I make.

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  1. Oh that looks yummy! Ill have to add that to my recipe list to try!