Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Still losing!!!

I am back on track people!! I have been without internet for a while now and I have felt as though I have been left on an Island with no one but my kids and hubby.  That's right I have wanted to go MAD!!!  So anyways I have to say that I am still loosing weight!!! I have no clue exactly how much I weigh exactly; I am too tired to get the exact numbers and convert them from my Wii so you'll just have to wait and i'll update lol.  I have also lost TWO inches!!! I can now fit into this cute dress I bought myself a long while ago!! It wouldn't go over my hips or zip near my boobies and NOW IT CLOSES!!  Still super tight but it CLOSES!!

I am just so happy to be back, to STILL be on track.  I wanted to take this time to have an open discussion.  What would you like to learn??? What struggles have you been trying to find solutions to etc???  ASK EM ALL!!! Tell me where to begin this new era or weight-loss.  Tell me how to help you!!!


  1. Awesome for you girl, it's nice to hear some good weight loss results for a change.

    Don't make me give you a grammer lesson on the difference between lose and loose though!!!

  2. HAHA sorry for that typo Jenn. Thanks for pointing that out!!

  3. So glad you are finding success. It is so hard to stay on track, life just keeps getting in the way. My struggles are usually finding time or different options of working out while taking care of three young kids. You should post about different ways to get exercise in when you have constraints. (like time and kids)

    Keep up the hard work. Sounds like it is paying off!