Tuesday, April 5, 2011

And I'm The Nice One

Ya that's what you think going into Bob Harper's new workout DVD Pure Burn Super Strength.  You've seen The Biggest Loser on TV and have seen Jillian yell but not so much with Bob. Everyone loves Bob as he has assumed the role of the nice trainer on the show. Well you might change your mined after you do this DVD.

There are two workouts to chose from. A short 20 minute workout where Bob does a nice job in that short amount of time of giving you a total body workout. The other portion of the DVD is a 60 minute workout. Now this no in and out pussyfoot through it workout. This is one of the toughest weighted workouts I have done! So with that said lets take a look at what make this workout a killer...

Bob gives you a nice stretching warm up then gets right to work. He starts you out with weighted squats, push-ups and a bicep curl into a should press. He has you do this a few times till he adds bur-pees into the mix so you are now doing squats, bur-pee, push-up and bicep curl into a shoulder press. He alters it here and there with holding the weights up or staying halfway down in a push-up. After that Bob has you do rows and dead-lifts. He then proceeds to bring on the torture with a series that includes front raises, side raises and pinkie up raises, this is hitting all three points of your shoulders and gets tough pretty fast. He asks you to hold these raises as well! He then goes back to rows and then does the arm raise sequence again.

You are then given a 30 second water brake and can rest quickly. Bob now has covered most of the upper body and now moves on to the lower. With one weight in hand Bob has you do lunges staying on the same leg. After about a dozen or so he has you pass your weight under your legs from hand to hand. This forces you into a deeper lounge and gives you better posture during the exercise. After the lounges a single arm row in a squat is expected, then the whole lounge, row squat routine is preformed again and finished up with jumping lounges. Bob now intends to work on your biceps and triceps with bicep curls and over head triceps extensions. After that bob has you move to the floor, with skull crushers and chest presses that lead on to an ab crunch series. Your back standing now but single legged this time. You are expected to balance and do hammer curls. Next are forward and side extensions that continue in a squat position. Then still in that dang squat, you start to do weighted jump squats then chair pose expected.

Bob goes back to the triceps then brings you back down to the floor to do the skull crushers, chest press and ab sequence again. Next comes a vicious plank series. Plank rows are followed by T-stands with weights and more push-ups! This gets pretty tough with how fatigued your body is by now. You move back into lounges, but this time it's a three sided lounge, front, side and back. A standing weighted pullover is done before you start the three sided lounges on the other leg. Bob has you holding your weight out straight to isolate the arm. This is done on both arms in the front and to the side. Then Bob allows you to have another break before he makes you do one last plank series. Starting out in a lowered plank (on your elbows) he has you raise and lower your hips then twist them side to side. The last bit is a raising the knee up to your elbow (you are on your hands now) and switching slowly to the other leg. Once done a few times Bob has you speed up for the end of the workout. The cool down is so nice after that brutal workout! Your body definitely needs the stretching.

This is in fact a killer of a workout! Bob although his seems like a sweetie pie as a person is a murderous workout beast in the gym. I can promise you that sweat will be pouring from you by the end. I'm sorry but Jillian has nothing on Bob. As far as doing this with my arm it was tough at some points. I had to take mini breaks (5-10 seconds and stop then return to the exercise) to fully do this workout. It is by no means a beginners workout. Although I'd give you props to try it just make sure you modify it!

~Fitness Mama


  1. I just got this DVD and I'm scared to try it!!!

  2. I'm feeling guilty and fat! Ahhh!!! I need to do exactly what you are doing. I'll do it tomorrow. Or maybe tomorrow.