Friday, April 1, 2011

my official numbers

Alright everyone this is the official update from the last little while.  Now my starting number (weight wise) was 200.9 lbs.  A dreadful number filled with ugliness lol.  I hope to never see that number again and I am not soo far off that I can afford to slack off anytime soon.

Over the last little while I have battled lack of time, kids, no money, depression, my lack of will power EVERYTHING.  The numbers are going down slowly but I can't complain when I am trying my best and doing what I can and the numbers aren't going up right??!!  Any loss is a good one and I will take it.

So with roughly made BETTER food choices, moderate exercise of all kinds, and patience this is our number ladies.

My weight is now 194 lbs!!  I know not too much, but WAY better than I thought it was going to be cause I have been really slacking it the last couple months with this move.  I also haven't watched what I have been eating as we don't really have a budget right now for me to be making picky food choices.  Yes i know it sucks crap food is cheaper but it is better than starving so sorry folks.  Sorry my numbers aren't higher to make you proud of me but i'm doing it!  And I am doing it my way!  But doing it my way has only lost me 6.2 fucking pounds... upset... discouraged... definitely going for a run around the track in the rain tonight so there better be no god damn soccer practices on that field tonight... I hate running when ppl are staring at me. 


  1. Esch!! You should be very proud. Your weight is going in the direction you want it to. That is something to be proud of. Be proud of every pound or half a pound. Love you! Susan

  2. 6.2 pounds is awesome! I hope you arent still beating yourself up! You are in One-derland! Must feel great! I hope to join you there soon!