Wednesday, January 5, 2011

40 with Kendell and Stephanie

I workout for 40 minutes 5-6 days a week, so when I chose to use Exercise TV, I love to combine workouts to get the most out of my time. Today's workout was a combination of two of my favorite trainers, Kendell Hogan and Stephanie Vitorino. I find that both these trainers create great strength and cardio videos that really get your heart pumping. Combining both of strength and cardio is a great way to get the optimum results!

I chose to do a 29 minute cardio workout with Kendell. His Power Cardio Burn will definitely make you sweat. The one thing that I love about Kendell is his personality. Not only is he not fake or annoying but he is so fun he makes you want to workout. He is also human, which is apparent in the few mistakes he made making this particular video. I noticed that he skipped a few moves he taught in the circuit and switch some with others. Some people might be put off by this but I find it refreshing that my trainer isn't a robot. If you are new to working you may find this cario circuit a bit too much, but I encourage you to giv it your best, even if you have to take brakes by just marching in place at least your moving and that is key!

I chose to finish up my workout with a bit of strength. Stephanie's Sexy & Strong video is awesome! She uses a combination of weights, bands (I didn't have bands and just improvised with my weights) and cardio to jack up you heart rate and make you feel your workout. Like Kendell Stephanie shows her human side to her viewers. She pushes you and encourages you the whole way. This is a great mix for a newbie who wants a challenge. The cario is in short bursts and you can easily catch your breath during the strength training workouts. I say give this a shot if you want to mix things up!

With both of these workouts combined I felt it. I noticed that I was sweating everywhere even my shoulders (yes gross but a sure sign that I am working hard). If you just starting to get into the fit groove do one of these at a time. Both these trainers will make you feel like your workout is a game and make you want to finish. I look forward to continue my workouts with Kendell and Stephanie and to bring their great workouts to you!

~Erin "Fitness Mama"

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  1. Wow, I really want to start losing some weight too but I don't know where to start. I guess I lack motivation. One time, i tried one of the beginners video... it was 20 minutes long and I only lasted 5 minutes. To make it worse (well, actually, it made it more fun), Nadine was watching me from her exersaucer LAUGHING! hahaha.

  2. @kitten; that is way too cute that she was laughing at ya lol!! something my kid does too he goes "OH MOMMY, you soo silly!"

  3. Hi Eschelle & Erin! Just wanted to say how much I am enjoying your new blog so far & am getting motivated right along with u!! That is why I wanted to give you a blog award...Come see-->Life Is Good - Blog Award

    From your Sherri at Mommy's lil Corner

  4. Thanks for following my blog and leav ing a comment! I am following you back!

    We are both into getting firt and healthy it seems, cool! Nice to have buddies out there.

    If you are ever interested in becoming a beach body coach let me know. sign up is free til the end of today. I just noticed that you do work outs at home on the TV too so that is why I asked!

    Have a great day!