Thursday, January 6, 2011

My first week of exercising...

Alright I have managed to keep my snack rule, even if its killing me but I am having troubles sticking to not eating past 8pm.  As a mom I run around most of my morning drinking coffee and don't actually have my first meal until well into the afternoon.  Needless to say I always end up getting hungry after dinner and end up eating.  BUT at least i'm not eating anything bigger than my fist! right!?!   I manage to make sure I go for a 30 min walk or two 15 min ones everyday (though circumstances this week have made that a little harder, but they're clearing up).  Luckily for me this is easy to do as I don't own a car and I have to walk to get groceries etc.  As for my "inside" routines I have been finding this one lots of fun!!

Of course I have many others I like to do like on mother-in-laws MY Wii Fit; but this one I think is great blasting some music and letting loose.  As moms we need to let loose, feel sexy and get our work out on?!! Right ladies?!?! I highly suggest this, its fast and a great addition to your workout outside the home.


Now back to that Wii Fit hubby and I "borrowed."  It is actually my in-laws Wii with Wii Fit.  Some of you know that my father in law was very upset this year when he came to realize his wife hadn't used this system, nor his teenage daughter, since the prior Christmas.  Needless to say I doubt they'll be asking for it back... at least I hope.  I really like it... even if it told me I was... "obese" ~shudder~ *tears*.  Nonetheless I still like it!  I can customize workouts to any length and combine workouts and even target them for certain purposes.  There is even a hoola-hoop game that I love that really makes you look silly but it certainly gives you a good burn!  I had wished to do more of this sort of thing but I haven't been feeling the greatest but I do manage to squeeze at least 20 min every night.  Hubby is also liking this cause its just one more thing i can do AWAY from the computer lol!!  I am also liking it cause he will play games on it instead of play on the computer, but prevents me from watching tv FORCING me to work researching things, brainstorming and commenting all over when I can.
by the way that half moon pose in the middle there BURNS, just BURNS you think it will be easy bit it isn't... it isn't...

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  1. new follower, I look forward to your posts as I struggle to lose weight, not a resoultion, but hopefully a solution Thanks