Friday, January 28, 2011

Just Keep Swimming, Just Keep Swimming...

My mother was a very avid swimmer, she loved it and even managed to set a couple records back in her day.  I can honestly say that I have always been a "water baby," as my mother would call me.  Fair enough I would do anything to stay in the water and if I could I would sleep in the pool.  I can remember playing mermaids for hours and begging to stay, of course eventually you have to pee and eat and eventually your mother's patience runs out and you are forced to leave.

Since I know I like it to much I have tried to make an effort to go swimming more often!  I do love it... though i hate the chlorine... I know the cancer links and immediate defects blah blah blah but what can I do?!?! I am sure as hell not going to get into the ocean up here FREEZING, plus i'm terrified of the ocean.  Anyways I wanted to share the health benefits of this AMAZING form of exercise.  But here's a tip I am ALWAYS starving when I get out of the water so pack a ready to go low cal HEALTHY snack for afterwards at least this way you aren't running around and buying something from a vending machine cause you're about to start eating people you're so hungry.  PREPARE!

Eldest's first swim trip WWAAAY back when :)

Now, swimming is one of those great forms of exercise that really works all your muscles and also takes the hard impact of regular workouts off your body.  My hubby finds this great for his hip problems, which he finds to be an issue for when he used to play lacrosse.  You see my hubby has arthritis in his hips so swimming manages to take a strain off his body and joints.  I have a soar back so I just like how my spine isn't all knotted up and twisted, also takes the pulls and tugs off the soar parts of our back.  Swimming can also be a great way to tone your muscles though i haven't seen a difference but i don't expect one, as of yet.  All in all i really enjoy swimming and I love how anyone can do it, even in physical rehabilitation situations etc.

Over long term practice you can increase your stamina not to mention you lung capacity.  Why do I care about lung capacity??  Cause i run out of breath all the time due to the fact that i sued to be a smoker.  EEEWWW I know, shame on me.  Point is I don't anymore and I never will again!  So I love doing this as a regular part of my weekly/monthly routine.  Just adds some great variety that I needed.  In the summer time it will be every more enjoyable!



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