Thursday, January 27, 2011

Up and down

Alright I have no pictures for this post so i'll just bore you with some old ones.  But i needed to update you on ME.  So far I haven't GAINED any extra weight but I have gone up and down with the three pounds I lost right away.  My eating habits have been doing great and i've been trying SOOO hard to take pictures of all of it so I can share my posts, but I haven't managed to do it for everything only the REALLY good ones lol. 

I have been slacking it AGAIN on my water intake which might be contributing to my fluctuating weight.... not to mention the fact that aunt flow should be in town in a week or too.  I've been violently moody due to her coming visit... hubby isn't surprised lol. 

I can say that I have been not attending to my "Wii Fit" I have been slightly addicted to the other "shape" thingy at the moment.  I have also been going out for both daily and nightly outdoor walks just for family time or hubby time, just figured being out of the house would give me more muscle work variations right?  Whatever its nicer even in the pouring rain. 

Another great thing about my "active" disc is that it doesn't go "oOoh" when I step on the board.  Not to mention my blimp sized Mii that I have to keep looking at whilst inside the program lol.  Although the music is really starting to get to me with the "active" so each have good and bad points.  I think my favorite is swimming at the pool on loonie Mondays and going for walks with my family.  They just make it more fun, and eldest really LOVES to jump in the puddles which is great cause there is a ton of them around here the last few days.  My mom always told me: "If rain stops you from doing anything in Vancouver, you'll never go outside!"  Some parts of the year just are like that, hopeless, endless rain. 

So, in closing, I am between 200 and 197 NO MORE :D.  I can't be unhappy about this i'm just so happy I haven't GAINED when I have been trying so hard.


  1. You can do it! When I was losing weight, it always came off once a month right after my period. And drinking water is crucial! I like it with lemon in it!

  2. WTG! I've been doing EA also... and I've been wanting to try the fit plus.
    CJR (Frm Blogelina class)