Thursday, January 20, 2011

My second week of exercising...

Alright so it is that time.  I have made it to my second week in tact and making great progress!  I have managed to watch WHAT I eat as best I can and I am quite happy about it.  Still haven't managed to completely adopt the no eating after 8pm but 5/7 days a week i'm following it; which is great compared to NEVER like before.  My Wii fit says I have lost 3.1 pounds and that is GREAT!!  I went from 91.3kg to 89.9kg!  My BMI went from 33.54 to 33.02 which made me happy too!!

I wish i could show you pictures of my Wii chart BUT my camera apparently can't take photos off my TV well enough for you to see anything....

crap photo lol
not the greatest.... you can kinda see my chart and the BMI number from a few days before my two week point but that's about can kinda see my Mii in the corner there too!
So i did it, i took my baby steps and i have begun to loose some weight; despite the weather, despite school, despite two blogs, despite a new job, DESPITE CHILDREN!  I am a champ!  If i can manage to do ALL of this, anyone can honestly i swear to you!!  Soon enough I will be loosing faster, and working out harder and feeling HEALTHY!  Now all I have to do is try really really hard to stick to my commandments ALL of them COMPLETELY; and we'll be in great shape right??

How is everyone else doing on their weight loss progress?? Are YOU making progress?!?!  Are you in a rut?!

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