Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Biggest Loser Boot Camp

I like watching the biggest loser. I mean I'm not obsessed with it, but I'll record it so I don't miss it. Now I've reviewed some Jillian workouts but what about poor Bob?! We should give him some love too don't you think? So Bob here's some loving from all of us.

The BL The Workout: Boot Camp stars Bob Harper as your instructor. Alum contestants of the show are used as workoutees. Like Jillian, Bob does more instructing than joining you for the whole workout. The DVD is split up; Warm up, Level 1, Level 2, Level 3 and Cool Down. I did the all of the DVD so I could share with you my thoughts about it. To get this over with warm up and cool down are just your basic stretching and low activity moves to prep you for what is to come and stretch you out for your recovery.

Level 1 is a 20 minute workout (which is the longest of the three). Bob does a good job of throwing in some hard moves to get your body sweaty in a short amount of time. You are suppose to do this workout for 2 weeks to build you up for level 2. Bob makes you use weights on and off through the whole workout focusing of upper and lower body moves. Level 2 is only 15 minutes but it is the toughest workout of the three. Bob uses much more cardio in this segment and adding core work at the end. I found this my favorite of the three and this is where I was really sweating hard. Bob introduces the medicine ball in this level which he says is fine to replace with weights (which is what I had to do). Level 3 is the shortest with a run time of only ten minutes. It was mostly upper body weight lifting using stretch bands (again I substituted and used my weights). There was not cardio in this level at all which I found strange for a Level 3 workout. I personally would have made this the Level 2. Next time I do this DVD I might reorder the Levels.

Bob as an instructor is much more upbeat than Jillians military style. He supports you through the whole process and when it gets tough and you want to put your weights down, Bob will pick his up and do that last few reps with you to make you finish! His fun upbeat personality just radiates through the screen! As far as the alum contestants go, they were just so so. They're form on the exercises was pretty poor and I'm just kinda shocked they didn't get other workoutees or re-taped the alum in better form.

Over all this is a great full body workout. I was expecting a little more out of it, but any workout that gets me huffing and puffing is freaking awesome! Way to go Bob! I am looking forward to working out with you again!

~Fitness Mama

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