Saturday, January 15, 2011

Workingout With Jillian

These days you can't go into the fitness section of a store without seeing the epic trainer, Jillian Michaels staring back at you. Jillian is so big from being a staring trainer on the Biggest Loser that she has her own brand of diet pills, a treadmill designed with her training in it and of course her killer training DVD's. Jillian's three most popular workouts are 30 Day Shred (DVD), Banish Fat, Boost Metabolism, and my favorite No More Trouble Zones.

Jillian's workouts are no pushover by any means. Most of her workouts are comprised of circuits, this way she can torture train you to get more of a workout without resting. In the 30 Day Shred Jillian has 3 different 20 minute training sessions. Each training session is to be done in sequence as you grow stronger and progress. The circuits are made up of cardio, strength and core workouts. My only problem with this DVD was that I like to workout for 40 minutes, so I put workout 1 and 2 together to make a 40 minute routine. Workout 3 is best to either put with workout 1 or just by it's self because of its intensity. They are great for someone who is only starting out at 20 minutes a day, although doing the same workout for a week at a time as Jillian suggests can get quite boring and your muscles will eventually get use to the workout.

Banish Fat, Boost Metabolism is a pure cardio workout. It's a full 40 minute video made up of seven six minute circuits. Jullian works you through kick boxing, calisthenics, core and other intense aerobics. She jumps from one exercise to the other with very little play room for you to catch your breath, which is a good thing. Jillian also uses lots of jumping in this workout to jack you heart rate up. and burn that fat.

My favorite workout is No More Trouble Zones simply because I love getting more bang for my buck and this DVD definitely does that! Again Jillian uses her famous circuits to create a 40 minute session. This time though instead of just cardio she pulls out the weights too. So instead of just doing squats your doing squats while doing shoulder presses or doing lounges with arm raises. As she states in the workout, "just working your arm burns no calories or fat," so by adding some cardio to it your doing twice the work. I love this workout the best because it works your entire body from your arms, abs, butt down to your legs. You will definitely be sweating after this workout!

As a trainer in whole I was hesitant to try her workouts. I was worried that she was just so big and everyone was boasting about her because she's on the Biggest Loser not because of her training skills. But that isn't the case she's so popular because she's a great trainer. I love it when I get pushed and challenged in a workout, to know I earned that sweat dripping off my body and that feeling of being exhausted when done. Jillian goes in depth to describe the moves you should do and explains how they benefit your body, so your learning while she's kicking your butt! The one thing I don't like about the videos is Jillian doesn't do the whole thing with you. Now this could be because she needs to talk through the whole workout or it's just easier for her to teach demonstrating on one of her workoutees, but I still would have liked her to do the whole thing with me instead of saying how hard her workouts are and not having the wanting to do them herself with you. None the less this is no reason if your up for the challenge to try Jillian Michaels!


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