Friday, February 4, 2011

Half-Moon pose

Now I have become a real fan of yoga since it has this great way to give me a great workout without me having to jump around a lot.  Great morning workout or before bed workout, ironically both seem to be the only times I have to workout.  I have even found a favorite pose that I ALWAYS make time for.  I wanted to take the time to highlight it for its great benefits!

Half-Moon Pose

What are some of the great physical benefits of this great pose?
  • Helps to strengthen your core muscles.  
  • Strengthening your core muscles in turn helps your spine and it's muscle support system.  
  • Opens up your shoulder joints, which means it is a great thing to do for a "frozen shoulder."
  • Manages to tone your spinal nerves and abdominal organs which in turn helps with your bowels overall health.  
Those are some great physical benefits, but what about your mental health?
  • Helps you relieve anxiety and stress.  
  • Adding this to your daily workout makes for a great way to manage your anxiety and stress levels.
The mental benefits to me are really important, all those stressful moments really add up for me and I can really get upset about it.  I battle with depression so to make sure those little things don't add up and end up being turned into a BIG thing.

So add it to your daily routine, its great for your body and GREAT for your mind! 



  1. Um yeah. I'll try it one day. I'm SOOOOOO lazy. Can you help me work on that? I'm just gonna have to make myself start moving.

  2. @waning woman; UGH i know EXACTLY what you mean. I am having the hardest time getting up and going, i'm in the middle of sorting out my depression or w/e it is to hopefully help. I think some great food choices and just trying to use the stairs more is a good first step lovey!!