Saturday, February 5, 2011

Personal Training With Jackie Warner

I've heard lots of good things about miss Jackie. That she's a kick ass trainer, she's tough and she'll get you to where you need to be. This is the first time I have ever done anything by Jackie and I had pretty high expectations from all that I had read about her.

I picked Jackie Power Circuit Training as my first video to try her out. Jackie as a trainer is very good, she is likable and goes into depth about the moves you should do and how to do them; as well as how they should feel which I loved. It's awesome when your instructor actually instructs you! I do want to watch a few more of her videos to get a better idea of her personality, she did feel a bit stiff to me.

This video is broken down into four, 15 minute workouts and one, 40 minute total body workout. I did the total body to get an overall feel for the program. The circuits are broken down by specific body part.

1st Circuit works your quads, 2nd your hamstrings, 3rd glutes, 4th chest, 5th back, 6th biceps/triceps and shoulders, 7th upper abs, 8th lower abs and 9th obliques. Jackie does each exercise for a minute with the circuit containing 3 exercises in total then doing all three in the 4th minute.

All in all this was a very good and challenging weight/strength workout. Jackie does most of the exercises with you but does go into teacher mode on part of them. I was expecting a bit more cardio mixed into the moves and kinda felt like I only half worked out. You know I didn't have that out of breath feeling you get when you mix the two workouts together. Next time I do this I will probably only do half the workout and mix it with a cardio video to get a more complete workout.

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