Friday, February 11, 2011

Soda is not our friend

I know I took an impromptu vacation yesterday and I didn't post anything so here I am trying to make up for that!


The number on thing that you should weed out of your home is soda.  I refuse to have this stuff in my house unless it is to mix drinks with lol!! It is horrible for you, I stopped drinking it back when I was heavier in high school and my extra cushion literally melted away with ZERO effort.  But why is it so bad for you??  Well look at the ingredients in your average coke: carbonated water, caramel color, natural flavors, caffeine, phosphoric acid and high-fructose corn syrup.  Nothing good there for you at all, plus when we eat junk like this at least we feel full when you drink pop you are ingesting all those calories plus the other junk you have paired with it! 

Soda pop has been referred as "osteoporosis in a can," "diabetes in a can," and "cancer in a can."  DRINK UP!  Honestly that right there is enough to make me not want to drink it and it definitely ensures that my kids wont be either at any other time than special occasions at a restaurant, when it is inside a Shirley temple. 

Why osteoporosis??  Well the carbonation in these drinks actually depletes your calcium by irritating your stomach forcing to release its only natural ant-acid, the calcium your body needs.   Nuts right??   
Why diabetes??  Well when you put THAT MUCH sugar into a liquid can of pop it is easily carried to your bloodstream.  When it is carried thru so fast it literally sends your pancreas into overload.  This makes your pancreas pump out a TON of insulin.  This insulin release actually depressed your testosterone which your body needs to get calcium to your bones.  This is why we are seeing bone problems in teenagers and younger, that should only be seen in the elderly.  YES it is that crazy!


Why cancer??  With the information above you can see why a soft drink will put you at risk for developing pancreatic cancers, but did you know what drinking just two soft drinks a week DOUBLES your chances of developing pancreatic cancers.  Pancreatic cancer is one of the most deadly forms of cancer, meaning the rate of survival is really low mainly because when symptoms do show up you are going to be in the advanced stages of the disease.  That surge of sugar, which leads to the surge of insulin is what is said to "encourage" the cancer cell development.

There is so much more information and studies confirming just how bad soda is for you... So WHY do we all HAVE to drink it!?!?  I have no clue, damn stuff tastes so yummy, but is it worth it?! NO!



  1. Crap! I know I know I need to give it up. I had done so well around lent last year and stopped for so many months and then went back to my good old Diet Coke! When you give it to us this way it so makes me want to stop again!

    Grrrrr! Its hard though!
    I'll try! Thanks for the reminder!


  2. I nominated this post for an award. Since I am also the awarding committee, you won. Which is funny, considering I sell soda for a living :) If you're interested, it's over at I Like Cheese.

  3. Hmmm interesting. I hadn't thought about the carbonation causing problems before. I don't drink sugary soda, but often have the diet version, thinking it was much better. I may have to just stick to water!!