Friday, April 29, 2011

are my add-ons making me put-on???

I have begun to notice how I depend on condiments for flavor, and how I never bother to keep track of exactly how much I put on what I eat or how many calories they have.  I am still loosing so I guess it can't be that big of an issue for me, but I do LOVE my mayo... and I know that is horrible for me lol.  I also came across this amazing blog post on yummy mummy, that really brought to my attention the calories in things like mayo etc.  I figured I would take her lead and talk about the same sort of thing BUT only talk about the things I use most commonly.

Our first suspect?  MAYO! 


This naughty little fry dip, sandwich lubricator; whatever your sin this stuff can run you up to 100cal/tbsp!  Not to mention the fact that ALL the calories you do see in this ends up turning directly into FAT.  Yes ALL.  I can even guarantee that you mayo users, like myself, probably use more than one EXACT tbsp too... sooo... eeww.  But guess what I found for us mayo lovers???  A "no-egg" mayo recipe.  I know, I know I am amazing... super easy too.  I tried it, and played around with it a bit, and I quite like it! 

Our second, not so guilty pleasure??? Horseradish!


I LOVE LOVE LOVE this stuff on my steaks... not that I should be eating those steaks anyways lol.  But lucky for us this isn't going to run you up too badly, I bet the more spicy the less you'll use too, so keep that in mind if you notice you're using too much of the "mild" horseradish.  Horseradish traditionally will run you up to 2cal/tsp... not too bad.  Again especially if you use less of the "hot" horseradish :D! 

My childs weakness and numero uno fav condiment??!!  Peanut Butter! 


Now don't get all up in Mr. PB's face here, he isn't ALL bad.  He does prove to be an amazing source of protein, fiber, vitamin B6, and even a bunch of antioxidants.  With that though comes 188cal/2tbsp; but, like I said, it isn't all bad lol.  There are some other great ideas for "butters" out there TONS in fact I was rather blown away.  

Mommy's biggest sin is Red Hot's Hot sauce.  I literally put that Sh!t on everything. 


This stuff is GREAT on wings heehee, grilled cheese's, chicken ANYTHING i love it.  Anyways the Cheyenne in it does rev your metabolism by 25% for up to two hours so I can't really argue with that... especially with how much I eat it lol.  But what are the real numbers?? 138cal/8oz. you also have to consider the amount of sodium in this which is: 372.52mg- 15% of your daily intake... just saying.  Lathering this on your salty deep fried wings isn't the most heart healthy thing.  Try baking your wings, not adding salt to the cooking process and make sure your not mixing salted butter with your hot sauce before bathing lol.  Just a LITTLE bit better right?? lol. 

What are some of your favorite condiments???  Let me know and maybe i'll bust them for you!! lol



  1. I love the hot sauce too! My weakness -- the chili-lime! Oh, it's so good!

    And peanut butter... drool! I do try to limit my PB to organic, natural so I feel good about that, and also just 1-2 TBS per day. I also love almonds so I usually have them around and have to choose between PB and Almonds!

    Other guilty pleasures: Hummus, mustard, pickles and pepperocini peppers!

  2. @Mimi Chili-lime??!! I MUST find this and try it, sounds GREAT! Like it would be amazing on shrimp or something MMmmmm.

  3. Loving your enthusiasm! I also love all the condiments you mentioned, especially peanut butter and hot sauce. Tip? I keep natural peanut butter on hand. It's not as tasty as the Kraft or Skippy brands but it still adds the authentic peanut butter flavour in cookies, smothies, sauces etc. (without the urge to eat it raw with a spoon or finger).


  4. I LIVE for condiments. I have a friend who likes to say that food is just a place to put her condiments :) I've sometimes thought - what if I gave up condiments? I bet that would cut out a bajillion calories right there -- but I just can't do it...