Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Thank you So much!!

I have to start by saying what an amazing reaction I received from my smoking stats!  I also have to thank two great peeps for LFG some awards!!! You have no idea how much that means to me especially since my content has been lacking lately.  Again some more apologies for that!! At least I only stopped writing not loosing right!?!? lol.

The awards, you ask??


from our bestest chubby buddy!


This one requires that I do a bunch of things so i'll try my best to get it all out, but don't get excited here ppl lol!!

Name three things that I have found hardest about my journey:

Name five things that you have enjoyed about your journey:
1) never having to see the number 200 again.
2) the overall feeling of accomplishment
3) compliments!!!
4) I can fit into regular clothes and it keeps getting better!!
5) enjoying myself more and feeling more outgoing actually.... but doing more things means less time for you folks :( TEARS OF SADNESS!!! lol

Then I have to pass it along, well folks I don't really have time to go around to ALL of you who deeply deserve this motivation as well.  Honestly, you kids kick butt and you all deserve it too so take it, by all means you earned it peeps!!

PLUS a Versatile award!

This requires me to tell you seven things about me:

1) I am lazy... who knew!
2) I am tired
3) I am stressed out today with meetings coming up new day care clients etc.
4) Soon summer will be here and I will be outside ALL THE TIME and i'm super excited... traditionally I don't really enjoy summer.
5) I need and AC unit for the upcoming summer.
6) I think all these things i'm sharing are relatively boring and I just want to sit down on the couch and enjoy the nap time and so seldom-ly comes throughout my day. 

given to me from; to Find the Line. She is a really awesome chick trying to juggle ALOT just like ME, and misery LOVES company lol.

I am also supposed to pass this along to 15 up and coming blogs I have found... When I have time to find them I will pass them along guys!! 


  1. Sweet! Bloggy awards always make you feel good!

  2. YOu deserve it!! Dont leave us out in the cold, commit to one hour a week to update us!! I cant wait to get outside more too, Ive been taken the kids out back more now than I did the whole of last summer! And it is because I feel better and with less weight I wont be so damn hot, at least I hope so!