Wednesday, May 4, 2011

[Update] run run run as fast as you can!

I have been busy busy!! I am doing daycare again!  I know!  Nuts, so I have been up to my eyes in work on the blogs, blogelina groups, blogging classes, daycare, exercising and what not.  What can I say.  There is only so much time in a day.  So I wanted to show you that I HAVE been active and running around. 

running after the boys.
weeding with the boys.
Enjoying a sunset on the walk home from a day at the park.
The Moon.
Some more sunset thru the trees. 
I can say that I am down 2Lbs since last time!!! HORAY!!! I have been noticing a major difference in how my clothes fit and I am trying to really focus my workouts on my legs and arms right now.  I have been kinda slacking on working my tummy specifically but I do core yoga movements etc, but no pilates for my abs or any crunches.  I find that I am more vulnerable to the kids if I lie down on my back so I have stopped attempting it.  I think I need to just up my Hoola Hooping on my Wii cause that really burns my tummy!!  I also have a birthday on the 27th so I kinda want to tone up a little bit more so I look extra hot in my outfit that I bought for the night.  I have the leggings, still waiting for the "mini-dress."  I also have to remember to take the time to take a pic of myself in my dirty shirty T-shirt to compare how it fits on my body now.  Soon I promise.  I just have to do laundry and bother to put it on and then I have to remember when I have it on.  If i don't do it fresh from the laundry it is kinda cheating lol.  I promise you'll hear from me again!!! xoxoxoxo


  1. I love those sunset pictures and your boys are too cute! And congrats on the progress you're making!

  2. Your boys are presh!!

    I swear to you....taking my son outside is a guaranteed cardio nightmare for me...because old boy can RUN!