Monday, May 9, 2011

Belly Dancing; it's great for ALL women!

When I was younger I did belly dancing, and I LOVED it.  I often think on it and I even do it to exercise a little, you when I'm "cleaning," listening to music I kinda just bust a move and burn a few! 

I really wish that I had photos of myself doing it back in the day but unfortunately it was way before the pleasure of me owning a camera lol.  Nonetheless I am here to talk about the many bonus's to trying out belly dancing. 

It makes you feel sexy again.  Yes I know not something I had to worry about when I was younger but I happened to be in a class of mixed ages; the oldest of which was 65 years young.  They had a great time and BOY; some of them could really bust a move, putting us younger ducklings to shame. 


BURNS!  BOY, I don't think anything has made every inch of my body burn like that in a long time.  Our teacher would just really work us and we'd have a GREAT time doing it!  So what was the harm in having to take a couple days of muscle nursing bubble baths. 


Increases your flexibility and in record time!  I was the most in-flexible person on the planet then within about a week of these classes I was, all of a sudden, able to touch my toes without screaming or having my body just say: "HELL NO!" 


Great, for pregnant women too!  The movements in belly dancing can't harm your baby at all, gives you a great NEEDED workout AND prepares your pelvic area for giving birth!  It is even said to make the birthing experience just a little bit easier much the same way walking will.  You can even bring some of the moves, slowed down, into the labor room with you helping you to dilate and get thru contractions.  Also AMAZING for blood flow! 

So why not give it a shot??  It is a great calorie burn, a great bunch of fun and I guarantee you will meet some new people and some great new friends!   Once things start settling down in my life here money wise I am hoping to invest in a few classes again, join me???


  1. I've been wanting to try belly dancing for quite some time now! I think I will have to look into classes in my area!

  2. I have always wanted to try belly dancing, how do you even go about finding a place to do this at?