Sunday, April 15, 2012

Changes, Changes.....

Lately I haven't been doing anything, my stress levels have been really high, funds low and my depression and anxiety has been plaguing me in a rough way.  So with Spring renewal in the air and everything looking up and making way for new and amazing times in my life and my families I have taken it upon myself to find a way to manage these things.  And to manage these things without some harmful medication cocktail and I have to pay a large amount of money for.  I wanted to find a way to try something that could help me without any bad effects you know?  If I find a way to deal with it using vitamins, minerals and some lifestyle changes then if it doesn't work it isn't because of some horrible side effect it just adds goodness to my life and may or may not help my depression etc... Win, win correct??  I thought so.  So this Little Fat Girl That Could needs to start all over again and I need to focus from the head down, cause a healthy head and set of emotions leads to healthier more lasting long term choices.

What are the small changes I have made this week for myself??  I have bought these two items:

So using these wonderful things, as well as my usual Soya Lecithin that I take and have taken since I was pregnant, has really made a difference in my mood and overall productivity of the day.  I have been really enjoying it and I have slept really well the last few nights and that to me has been just amazing.  On top of this I have made another slightly strange dietary addition and those are Goat Milk and Goat Cheese.  I have been a lover of Goat Cheese for a very long time, I mean come on it is delicious and the amount of calcium in one cup of milk is 33% and I need to make those dietary changes that encourage LOTS of calcium.  With both my immediate parents developing advanced osteoporosis it is REALLY important for me to include these things.  I love it thankfully and as far as I know I have not lactose issues like my sister does.  Though that could change over time and then I will have to look towards supplements.

Recently my hubby developed a very severe colon infection never seen in someone his age before so the talk of changes in all our overall diet and care has been something VERY important at the moment.  Are you making any large changes to your lifestyle this Spring??

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  1. Newest follower from the hop. Spring perks me up,too. Have a beautiful Sunday.

    Family Savings Center

  2. Stay strong my friend you will get there... change in one's eating is a challenge as it's not just the food but for long term success it has to be a lifestyle change.

    I too have found myself struggling to loose some of this weight that continues to take over since my accident (they say it's med related)..I'm starting my day with warm water and juice of 1/2 a lemon... I also try to stay to the outside aisles in the grocery store. Wishing you a fabulous week ahead..xo HHL

  3. hope your hubby is ok! how did the emergen-c stuff go? any good? i have been trying hard to maintain an actual routine... even paid extra money at the gym for boot camp classes. loved it but then the boys got sick and now its been 3 weeks since i have been. trying to get back into the swing of things again.

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