Wednesday, April 18, 2012


I think that I have been using my natural remedy for long enough now for me to say that I think they completely work.  I know that I can't expect it to just make everything okay so of course I have gotten a little upset from time to time like right now but that is natural.  In all fairness I have never felt this OKAY for so long before and I am really enjoying it.  Yesterday I think is just a little bit rough only cause it is the first day of childcare being full in about a week and I clearly was enjoying the peace and quiet.  Not to mention one of my daycare children was rather terrible this morning and that started me off on the wrong foot for the rest of the day.  But in light of his tantrums this morning I have started to enforce our "NO TV" rule unless it is in direct correlation to a lesson we are doing like our sign language or morning yoga.  Usually I will let this one little man start his day with ONE episode of Mighty Machines.  Yesterday morning though my Netflix wasn't working and he threw a fit, screaming and yelling, hitting his mom the whole nine yards and I am sure she doesn't want to start her day like that either the poor woman.  So instead of continuing his expectation and enabling this behavior by providing him with his show when he throws a fit I am taking it away completely.  I am enforcing the idea that daycare is DIFFERENT than home and we don't watch what we want when we want, we have are here for a different purpose.  We play with our friends, learn and get dirty like little boys should, not teaching them that freaking out in such an inappropriate way is okay.  Next thing you know he will be in an office throwing his bosses desk furniture around when they disagree.   

Despite all of this I have a reasonable mood and honestly today would be my first bad day.  But we made it out of the house to play in the dirt and we have been fully productive.  That on one of my bad days is NOT a possibility so I know that these tissue salts are definitely effecting my life for the better!  One of the BEST bad days I have EVER had!  I can't wait to see what my future holds now that I will be taking these on a long term basis.  What kinds of things I will accomplish and what kind of goals I will be making and meeting.

I want to start looking into going to a gym to do weight training in some way.  I think that weight training is going to be one of the few ways I will loose my weight and stick to it.  In fact, back in high school, my teacher informed my parent that I NEEDED to go into weight lifting.  That I had a real future in it and should think of perusing it.  Of course as a young and reasonably feminine I wasn't into it.  Now comes my task of looking for a great WOMEN'S gym that is CHEAP.  I have noooo money to be throwing around at gym costs so I need either a drop in rate or a VERY low monthly one.  I would prefer the drop in mainly cause I have no idea if I am going to stick to this, which is why I am leaning more towards the monthly rate.  The gym in itself is going to be a task with my body image issues which is why I am going to be going to a women's gym. 

Do you hit the gym??  What are your experiences??  Are you like me and hesitant about going cause you don't want to be seen sweating or horrible about yourself when surrounded by fit trim young people. 

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