Sunday, May 20, 2012

Back to my old ways...

I have made a couple new decisions for myself.  I was recently nominated for the top 30 Vancouver mom blogs by (for my blog, which you should check out if you haven't) and I am looking forward to alot more influence in the blogging world.  Which could lead to even more amazing opportunities, which also means I want to get my act back together here.  So I have decided to make some INTENSE changes to help spark it.  To get the ball running and everything going for once.  I need this.

So I have decided to become a vegetarian again.  Which means there isn't much to eat in my house right now considering this fact AND I need to start reviewing my shopping list again for new items.  I am excited don't get me wrong but I know I will find it harder than I did as a teen.  Especially with hubby being a complete carnivore but as long as I have cut back I will consider it a win and only a matter of time till I have made the full transition.  It will be a bit nicer on our meat budget as well come to think of it. 

Another great change I will be making is teaming back up with our other contributor that has been as busy and stressed out as myself.  I will be doing weekly morning workouts with her hopefully.  I have yet to figure out how I will set that up but I will ensure to get that all sorted out tonight hopefully.  I don't know how my house set up and computer setup will work for the dual workout we hope to do together but I can figure something out.  I was thinking perhaps downloading the workout we pick online, then putting that on my USB for my TV letting me workout to the TV.  Then I will have to point my web cam out towards the living room and see if that will give her a chance to see what I am doing.  Then I will be praying she can hear me and vice versa without waking up the kids.  It might be a silent thing considering I will be trying to do this EARLY in the morning.

I have spoken before about how I have wanted to try morning workouts, but I sincerely doubt my abilities to follow threw on that.  I go to bed late waiting for hubby or working that I can't ever get out of bed in the morning.  I am constantly dragging myself.  But with my diet change I have made, a little hope, Emergen-C, and a prayer and I should be able to do it once in a while to really help rev up my metabolism.  After all I need to look good for my pro head-shot they'll be doing for all the top 30 Mom Bloggers!  I have to be looking my best.  Saying that I am going to get up off my butt right now and I get myself a tall glass of water and plug in my knock off radio receiving Ipod in and see if I can't get my butt outside in the rain for a walk.  Hubby is playing COD and swearing up a storm driving me nuts anyways so I might as well get out in the fresh muggy rainy air right?? 

So here is hoping that I make theses changes, that I follow through.  That I keep on trucking, after all I just want to feel good inside and out without any doubt.   I want to be fully HEALTHY!


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