Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Going Vegetarian

I have gone back to being a vegetarian.  And though I may be no stranger to this, it seems a heck of a lot harder this time around than when I was a head strong teen apparently.  Maybe it is just living with carnivores that is doing this to me this time, I only had to deal with one before.  Despite my challenges and large cravings I have been doing this the last two weeks.

I can say one thing... I am tired.  I need to clearly make sure I am getting more creative with my meals to incorporate even more outside proteins as what I thought was enough clearly isn't.  I am tired.  Do you want to know what my shopping lists have been looking like??

I have been leaving the meat section up to hubby and sales....
this was what my last list looked like, I think the most fresh veggies I have ever had on my list. 
I am going to assume that this will only grow, I have already discovered that my local Safeway doesn't carry Tahini.  I have looked EVERYWHERE and asked every pimple faced teen and none of us can come up with anything what so ever.  I am have yet to remember to check when I am in the health food store, I keep forgetting. 

What kinds of diet changes have you made?? I am not talking "diets" here, I am talking life changes!


  1. Oh my friend I hear you and am with you! It's not about "diet" it's all about lifestyle. Pre-accident I could eat anything (seriously) and still maintain a consistent (summer) 112-117 (winter) lb weight range. But looking back my lifestyle involved a great deal more physical activity and structure.

    Recently we had friends staying with us from the States ... while he is originally from Canada, she is from France. I was in awe of this petite woman...she was eating like I had and still remained slim. Every morning she had toast, butter, jam, coffee and perhaps some fruit. One morning (after a wonderful feast the evening before) I noticed she was only having coffee ~ I asked her "not hungry?" as i munched away on cereal and toast; her response "oh I over did it yesterday, today I'm cutting down to make -up for yesterdays excess." That my friend is how French Woman beat the excess weight without really depriving themselves.

    This got me more determined than ever to TAKE CONTROL of my life. This week I'm doing a cleanse to jump start things and making changes where I can when it comes to physical activity.

    Moderation, regular physical activity, and small adjustments when needed is what will help us long term. We didn't get here over night ~ so it has to be a for life change to see and maintain results. Good luck and keep posting (know you are not alone).. Hugs, C. (HHL)

  2. I am always struggling to make it my lifestyle. I'm bad about going in extreme spurts!

  3. Lifestyle is a good word. I completely cut out sugar drinks and eating out, only at special occasions. But it is hard when my husband does not care and he still looks great. Grrr!