Sunday, June 17, 2012

Guest Post from Burn 60®

Fitness Leader Burn 60® Presents A Two-Week Camp That Uses Proven Sports Performance Techniques to Benefit the Athleticism and Physical Health of Kids.

Burn 60®, a leader in interval fitness training, is providing its highly requested, unique two-week performance camp for 11-15 year olds in Southern California. Burn 60's Sports Performance Summer Camp program creates an unmatched, positive athletic training environment where kids—whether or not they are athletes—not only become stronger, faster, and more flexible, but where they also gain confidence and self-esteem. The camp occurs in three sessions: June 18-29, July 16-27, and August 13-24. Each session features classes, which will be held outdoors (location tbd), from 9:30am to 11:00am on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday; the cost is $125 per person per two-week session. 

The summer camp, which is being directed by youth fitness specialist, Anna Renderer and assisted by professional trainer, athlete, and Olympian Malachi Davis (who is currently training for the 2012 Olympics), is for any youth who wants to improve athletic skills and conditioning. All athletes require the same fundamental skills that make them faster, stronger, and more conditioned. Whether it’s volleyball, football, baseball, track, or tennis, this camp will enhance a child’s ability to perform better and teach the tools that help develop the best possible fitness in every child. 
The program will include strength training that builds a strong foundation for the body and helps prevent injuries. Injury prevention requires working both left and right mobility patterns, joint integrity, balance, and developing equal strength on both left and right sides of the body. Examples include single legged balance touches, hip circuits, rotator cuff strengthening, body planks, crab walks, lateral resistance training, monster walks, and much more.
Other elements of the camp will feature training techniques for speed, agility, and quickness (SAQ's). Performance drills that improve SAQ's include ladder drills for coordination and quickness (Ali Shuffle, quick step, foot fires, high knees, toe taps) as well as multidirectional foot drills for speed and agility (4 Cone agility course, partner tag, mirror drill).  
“Summer is the perfect time for kids to get into shape and increase their athletic aptitude,” noted Janet Crown, owner of Burn 60®. “What’s more, as kids go through our unique exercise program, they not only get stronger and healthier, they become more confident. We feel there is no better way to spend the summer months,” she added.

Anna Renderer, director of the Burn 60® Sports Performance Summer Camp, says, “The camp is a wonderful way for young athletes to stay in shape and prevent injuries. The skills and exercises they learn here can benefit them for a lifetime.”

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About Burn 60 
Burn 60® is a Total Fitness Solution for men and women that provides an unparalleled fitness experience in 60 fast-paced minutes, regardless of fitness level. The systematic workout is based on a premier interval-training program and proven science, which delivers increased results as the intensity of a workout progresses. Burn 60® also incorporates specialty classes including Mat-Pilates, Power Yoga, and Kids classes to provide a balanced fitness program. With the instruction of the most experienced and elite personal trainers, each class is designed to maximize calorie burn (between 600-900 calories per class) and increase strength and stamina while sculpting your body like no other workout. Regardless of fitness level or age, Burn 60® will make you better, stronger, leaner, faster, and more flexible—guaranteed. For more information, please visit

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