Tuesday, January 18, 2011

What I have been doing DAILY

I know all of you are wondering exactly what I am doing for exercise this whole time.  Well i finally took the time to take some photos, and share with you all what I am doing IN my home.

My Wii fit has informed me that I am obese.  I know not the nicest thing to say or best way to make friends; neither the best way to make be feel happy enough to move.  Despite that I still use it everyday, even if its on my different Wii exercise thingy (see I have two discs there). 

I have set myself a 145 calorie burn goal that I try to meet everyday.  But I am finding it annoying that it only registers that i have burned that daily IF I play Wii Fit Plus specifically, but w/e I know i'm hitting the goal everyday just maybe not on the Wii Fit Plus.  I have figured out that in order to burn this I have to complete about 30-35 min of exercise DAILY, so if I don't play wii fit plus its my other disc and I usually burn up to 110 calories on my active disc as the workouts seem more intense.  I am in love with the active's target and heavy bag boxing.  Great way to release frustrations!

I love it so much i haven't even made time to try out the dancing portion of my Active disc!  Yes there's a dancing portion and I think i might have to give it a go later tonight.  The best part about Wii Fit?  I can even do it in my pajamas and it gives me this GREAT burst of energy after wards.  Plus there's no one else other than my family and friends to watch me look haggard... speaking of looking haggard here's me enjoying my boxing!

Most of the time it feels like i'm playing a game its a lot of fun!  I can even customize my workouts, I have made a great one combining and altering between both yoga and strength training.  I love the workout great length for my morning jump-start/workout and it's not so easy that I don't get a work out but easy enough that I can finish it without stopping or walking on the spot cause I can't keep up.  
Aren't you proud of me?  If you think that's impressive on its own, just you wait!  6/7 days a week I even get in a 20 min walk/jog (granted there isn't an unsafe amount of ice or snow on the streets to run) to top it off!!  I manage to do this with one of the boys or my gf who comes from time to time to be walked lol.  I hope that this continues and that I start seeing a more physical change!! In the meantime i will keep using my pin-up photo to motivate me, you girls are right that is the best carrot I could give myself!  I hope you are all doing well with your plans and goals!


  1. I've been jamming to Let's Dance with my kids. So much fun!

  2. Wow, having fun while working out sounds very tempting.