Saturday, January 8, 2011

Eat to cope

As many of you, you are like me and use food to cope for many reasons.  You may not now it or care to realize it but ask yourself this.  Do you eat when you are not hungry!? If yes, you could be eating for some of MY reasons, boredom, restless-ness, or stressed out from everything that can happen in a day whatever that may be.  I even run to comfort foods when i'm sad.

Personally i think this has come from having a mom that feed me to make me feel better as a child.  Unfortunately I do the same thing with my boys so i'm not really leading by example here.  Do something good i get a FOOD reward, get a "boo-boo" you get a cookie to cheer up etc etc... I am sure many of you are guilty of the same thing.  But how do we stop this?!  How can I?!

By being aware that I am eating for no good reason.  Perhaps to create a "food schedule" like Erin does for herself, to keep me aware of what i'm eating and for what reasons.  So I am going to add another "commandment" to my list.

5. I will wait one FULL minute before decided to eat anything.  To ask myself, am I really hungry?

This way i hope to bring some thought into when i eat, why i eat and to be aware of the kinds of food i'm putting in my body.  I'm not starving but maybe instead of that cookie i'll grab a piece of fruit.  Maybe that will work.  Just a pause of thought in my over eating process.


So before I stuff myself I will think, I will demand my stomach shut up for a minute and for my head to put the thought of food aside long enough for me to make a rational choice about what i'm going to eat.  Fair enough.  So WAKE UP HEAD!  And to my stomach... i promise not to starve you if you promise not to nag me and be patient with our eating adjustments.  

What are some reasons why you eat or make bad food decisions?  How are you going to change it?  Share your tips and tricks with us!


  1. Hmm I will do the same thing too!! Wait one whole minute before eating and ask myself if i am really hungry.? I hope I can resist because I love food and everything that comes along with it!!! Awesome blog as usual!

  2. @Dawn omg i love food too so much it sings to me like a siren... I could bathe in my gravy *drool* but the point it to not give up food but to eat GREAT healthier food that is just as orgasmic and to not "night" eat cause that's when i munch too much lol :)

  3. Another great thing to do when you've got the munchies is to drink a big glass of water to help fill up your stomach and help you reach your water goals for the day. :)

  4. @Vedette I just started doing that, after i wrote an article for reasons WHY to drink water other than "you should." I was hoping it would help motivate me to drink it more often and make a better effort and BOY did it ever, it will be up later this week sometime! :D