Friday, January 7, 2011

My favourite Kickboxing workout!

I've done quite a few kickboxing workouts by far and my favorite is 10 Minute Solution: Kickbox Bootcamp. Taught by Keli Roberts, a renown Aussie trainer. This workout is broken up into 5 10 minute segments that can be done as single workouts, mixed and matched or put together for a killer workout 50 minute workout. The first segment introduces you to the punches and kicks you will be using through out Keli's training, the second is focused on working your legs and butt. Third works your arms as well as back forth is a killer all round cardio boot camp workout and last works your core.

In Basic Training Keli is fabulous at how she instructs and explains each movement that you will be using. Jabs, cross punches, front back and side kicks warm you up for the tougher segments if you so chose to proceed. This is perfect for beginners to learn the moves of kickboxing. Ultimate Buns and Thighs is where you'll definitely use those legs to kick and lounge through some calories. Keli incorporates weights to add some challenge and to take it up a notch. She also gives you some more advanced options if you chose to take them like adding a hop in between some kicks. In Arm and Shoulder Sculptor Keli trains you with some weighted reps and lounges to get more bang for your buck. She then uses the weights to train with the punches you learned earlier in the video. Once done slow with the weights she pushes you to really throw those punches without them at a high speed. Fat-Burning Blast is a cardio circuit training which includes jumps, planks, plank jacks, push ups and a fast paced agility portion which will have you sweating. Last is Washboard Abs where Keli uses side planks, regular planks and different verities of crunches to work your core and really appreciating that stretch at the end.

I always do all the whole dvd to give me my daily workout. Keli's cute personality and her teaching style makes me come back to this video again and again. This dvd is offered to my as a Netflix live stream and is permanently stuck in my queue. While waiting for each segment to start up I will jog in place or jump rope to keep my heart rate up. I would at least do two segments so you get 20 minutes in, ten isn't enough to burn any calories. If you are new to kickboxing and want to try it out Kel is a great choice.

As you may know Erin has an arm disability, but let me tell you this does not stop this girl from getting her workouts done!  In fact, she wanted to share with you how she alters her kickboxing workout in order to fit her needs, much like I have do with pushups and weights due to my wrist injury from when i put my arm thru a window pane.  So you know what Erin did for all of you!?!  She video taped her workout just so you can see that just if you have a physical set back doesn't mean you can't manage to find a way to follow along!  

 ~Erin "Fitness Mama"

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  3. Great post and video! Always great to modify!

  4. hahaha! i didn't mean to have a pic of my torso!!! let's try this again!