Sunday, January 9, 2011

Scrumptious Sunday! Quaker Chocolate Swirl Chewy Granola Bars Review

Welcome to our regular scrumptious Sunday feature. Every Sunday we will be sharing our yummy recipes and fav low cal snacks with you to help you find yummy things to eat that wont go straight to your hips! 

As a general rule for myself I tend to stick with snacks that are under 100 calories. I also tend to lean toward the sweeter snacks as well. Now a days the aisles are full of pre-portioned 100 snack packs. Those are great except if your shopping on a budget. To spend $3.00 or more for only 5 packs isn't the best deal. Sometimes it's better to do some research on nutrition. You might be surprised the price difference in a product where the package doesn't scream 100 calories per portion but will have the same nutrition.

Chewy bars are a great healthy little snack for the middle of the day. With 10 bars in a box and a price tag of $2.50 you can't turn that down. The best part about this affordable snack is that they are normally 100 calories or less, so you are basically getting 5 extra bars for less then the 100 packs!

When I was ready for a snack change for my 3pm snack (yes everyone I have a food schedule) I was looking for something chocolaty. After scoffing at the prices of all the 100 calorie packs I went down the snack aisles of my local Walmart searching for something else. There they were looking at me and my mouth watered, Quaker Chocolate Swirl Chewy Granola Bars. Oh they looked so perfect. Now called me weird, lord knows hubby does all the time, but I love my snack bars cold. So I put them in the fridge as soon as we got home so they'd be perfect for later in the day.

When 3pm rolled around I jumped for excitement to try these. I opened the box and even the wrappers shouted chocolate! "YUM" (wait did I just say yum for a wrapper, anyhoo). I ripped the shiny wrapper  off and examined the pretty swirled white and dark chocolate chips on the top of the cocoa bar. Although I think there could have been a few more, I was pleasantly surprise at how good these bars are. It reminds me a little of cocoa pebbles. I will definitely be buying these again, although I will be keeping my eye out for the mint chocolate ones (OOOOOO mint chocolate).

I'd give these a solid 8/10 only cause I wish there were a few more chips on top or maybe even through out the bar.

~Erin "Fitness Mama"

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