Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Jillian Michael's Yoga Meltdown

Lets say you want to try some yoga, lets also say you want to get a good aerobic exercise at the same time, then Jillian's Yoga Meltdown is for you. This is not your typical yoga practice at all. In fact many reviews of this DVD don't even put this in the yoga category just a interval workout using yoga moves.

I love a good vinyasa yoga practice once in awhile, but to tell you the truth I like a good hard sweaty workout better. So in my opinion this DVD was AWESOME!!! Jillian states at the beginning that this isn't a "real" yoga practice. This workout incorperates repetitions to burn fat and calories while doing yoga poses. What I love is that she mentions that she is new at this, so it's kinda fun if you've done yoga to be one up on Jillian for a change he he he.

The workout is split into 2 segments, practice 1 and 2, each workout is 30 minutes. I did both of them to create a full hour of torture fun aerobic yoga! In practice 1, Jillian starts you off by slowly explaining the poses. I did notice that her Sun Salutation was a bit off in the beginning segments, but it didn't bother me too much. For each new pose Jillian teaches, you have to do it once, then you do a rep of it and then... you hold the pose for 15 seconds. As usual Jillian does a lot of teaching rather then working out with you so just be aware of that. The first workout is more for a beginner to yoga but will also give more advanced yogies quite a challenge.

Jillian doing Crow Pose; Exercise TV.
Workout 2 is for the more advanced yogies. Jillian does some poses that I was surprised she put in there, like the crow, which is a very advanced pose. You know I had to try it even with my arm and I was shocked that I was able to do for the 15 secs of holding! Yes it was very reckless of me to do since I was in a lot of pain but I had to at least try, (do I as I say not as I do disable readers lol). I can truly say that I worked up a sweat with this workout and I LOVED it! There was only one pose through the whole hour I wasn't able to do and that was a full bridge, my arm can't go over my head, so I did a modified version (always try and do a modified version of poses to keep the flow of the workout guys). When Jillian started the cool down I couldn't believe how fast the workout went, I had so much fun. I don't recommend doing both workouts unless you think you can take the challenge and be careful with some of the poses, but I assure you this is an incredible workout!

Jillian doing Camel Pose; Exercise TV.
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  1. You know what always gets me about fitness videos? The people have perfect bodies. I think I would be more motivated if the instructor was healthy and in shape, but not built like a Greek-statue. And ugly would probably help.

    That's what the world needs. Ugly fitness instructors.