Monday, January 24, 2011

Super Foods Part Two

I know, I know you don't have to tell me it has taken me a long time to get around to writing this up but here we are and it is done.  If you haven't already please go back and read part one of super foods!  That will help to start you off.


On our journey today I chose something that ALL of us eat, the Onion.  This wonderful ingredient we all use everyday, in fact it is known as "the King of vegetables" because of its versatility.  But what can an onion offer your health?  ALOT!  Did you know that the onion has major antiseptic properties?!  Neither did I people, neither did I.  Not only that but an onion can have multiple benefits depending on whether it is raw or cooked.  When raw it is a powerful antiseptic it can fight infectious bacteria like E. coli and salmonella!  When you cook an onion, i'm not joking here, it can help to relieve gas AND constipation.  Both cooked or raw this magical little guy can actually clean your blood of clots and fat as well as lower your blood pressure!  Who knew, i mean you would have thought it would have CAUSED additional problems for gas but NOPE!  Heck if you boil up some skins in a tea if can even alleviate symptoms of diarrhea.  Onions are incredibly rich in vitamins A, B and C not to mention stocked filled with calcium, phosphorus, magnesium and iron.  There isn't much this magical veggie can't do.  It is so pungent it is a great thing to eat when you are sick as it increases blood flow and makes you sweat.  As a juice it is great for your soar throat and alleviating mucous build up, let me tell you next time i have a cold i'm choking down some onion juice that's for sure!


Yes the cucumber is a super food DESPITE being 96% water.  Our little yummy buddy here contains vitamins A and C, plus minerals such as: calcium, potassium, magnesium and even sulfur.  Those minerals help with nail splitting, maintaining gorgeous hair while the potassium gets to work on your blood pressure.  Its always great when you can find an item of food that will keep you looking LOVELY and healthy, what other perks do you people need right?!?!  Now we have all used this little guy to help with our puffy eyes, but did you know why we use cucumber??  Well it helps relieve us of our inflammatory skin conditions like: eczema and inflammatory eye problems.  I bet it would be great on your nipples whilst breastfeeding much like a cool cabbage leaf!  It can even help alleviate inflammation during bladder infections as well as helping to prevent the production of kidney stones.  Since it is so great at relieving inflammation it has even been shown to help with arthritis and gout!  I can tell ya i might start adding this to my water jug, just because!  


Aaaahh, garlic; something I just love love love!  Now I will have to just give you reasons to love it as much as myself.  Now I never knew just how awesome garlic was now I have a better reason to smell of it constantly!!  It can help you with your blood circulation and digestion.  Restores energy and vitality so much so that the ancient Greeks, prior to the Olympic Games, they would chew garlic in order to increase their chances of victory.  It is even great to cleanse your body of toxins, which i think we kinda become bombarded with.  Since garlic helps with your blood health and circulation it is proven to be a great preventative measure for heart attack and stroke, not to mention the prevention of blood clots.  The sulfur levels in the garlic have shown to be a good prevention of cancerous tumors, how can you not like that!?  Did you know it even been shown to be a good equal to penicillin?? THAT'S NUTS!!  Definitely be adding extra of this to my diet! 


I chose rosemary as it is another item we ALL use!  And let me tell you what good you are doing for your body by doing so.  Rosemary can be used as a great aid in liver cleansing, which is great the morning after a little too many cocktails the night before OR if you have to take medications regularly.  Our yummy little buddy is even anti-viral, anti-fungal and anti-bacterial which helps boost your immune system which is useful this time of year.  Even if you manage to get sick having a hot rosemary tea can help to chase away soar throats, chest infections and persistent wheezing coughs and even helps to relieve symptoms of asthma!  With its "astringent tannins" it can help with excessive menstration (HORAY!!!), as well as tone the digestive tract.  Not only that but it can help relieve period cramps (HORAY!!!),  gas AND COLIC!!!  And just for the cherry on top it is that it can SLOW the aging process as well as prevent degenerative diseases.  

I hope that you learned something about some of our regular food staples!  Now you know all the good you are doing for yourself by eating them!

Healing Drinks: Juices, Teas, Soups, Smoothies Book By: Anne McIntyre


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