Monday, January 17, 2011

My New Shirt

So I received this Dirty Shirty in the mail the other day... apparently a gift from hubby lol.  I LOVE it and he got it for only $5.00!! Of course he couldn't help himself... probably to justify going to their site to look at all the hot chicks on there. 

He got the largest size... needless to say you can see its still too tight!!  SO this is my new target fitting, I want to fit into this, and when that happens I am going to try and fit into a dress of mine.  Hopefully i will get lucky enough that i will actually look hot by the time I get to my sister's wedding.  In the hopes that I can ROCK this dress she picked out!

Of course i can't manage to get the image location for it as its in a flash thingy but w/e its a halter top in a dark purple, REALLY dark, she is going to be making little flower waist bands i think for them as well which look really cute!! A really rough idea of what i'll look like (sorry the hair covers the neckline.)

sorry about the random floating head thing she had no idea why it was there.

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  1. Ha!! That floating head is kinda freaking hilarious!lol!!! Oooo I love me that purple dress!! U r totally gonna rock it, I just know it:)