Monday, January 10, 2011

"Where Bullying Comes From"


I was reading this great ladies blog the other day to find myself becoming very upset.  She was sharing with us this woman's story about her struggle with weight and bullying.  I was astonished to hear of this poor woman being bullied not only by children but by the mother of those children.  I was so taken aback by this story being pudgy myself, I was just crushed.  I felt for this poor woman so deeply. 

I could feel her tears streaming down my face as I read her pain.  She retells her story of being "humiliated at the hands of a three year old and the inconsiderate hands of her mother."  I can't even tell you how angry this made me.  MBJ made an amazing point, bullying has been a very active part of the media these last few months.  Many of you are concerned about our children and bullying, i bet even this "inconsiderate mother," and yet there she was; the product of an example many unknowingly live by despite what they preach.  This just breaks my heart that this woman just didn't care to teach her child how rude that was and how you shouldn't judge others by their differences etc... Just because we're big doesn't mean we can't hear you or feel sadness at your hand.  The extra blubber, let me tell you, isn't a buffer to your abuse and lack of empathy.  We look at ourselves everyday and nothing you say can probably compare to the things we think of ourselves, so why be so cruel.  Why don't you correct the behavior to change an ever failing future?  To make strides forwards and not back.   

I had to share this story, there was no way I couldn't pass this along.  So we could all send a little love their way.  My heart goes out to her I wish her the best with a cherry on top!



  1. This makes me so sad. I have all these fears, and one of them is that my daughter is coming into a world of people who can be so cruel. I did not have a weight problem as a kid, but I did experience bullying to some extent. Not as bad as others, but it did leave a scar. I think about the short period of time I felt bulled, and think about all the kids that get tortured from grade school through high school, and even adulthood. I will do my very best to make sure my daughter NEVER bullies another person, and I pray and hope she is never the one being bullied!

  2. OMG! That's very bad. I could never hurt my mother or bully anyone for that matter of fact. I hate bullying or people who bully. I sometimes crack jokes with my mother teasing her but I hope she does not take them seriously because I really really love her.