Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Yes Chocolate is still our friend!

I am doing this for us all.  To save what small amount of sanity we may have from whatever food challenges we may have!  To you my bloggies!  I have found every justification possible for eating your faithful friend, Mr. Chocolate (60% cocoa or higher though, no refined sugars or milk fats!); the constantly reliable and always pleasing.  Like I have heard many women say "I don't have to get laid, but sometimes I HAVE to have chocolate!"

So what are some of the amazing reasons why we can eat our dark little friend?

Well for one, you may notice that a large amount of moisturizers have cocoa butter in them.  That is because it has been proven to actually help your skin and prevent wrinklesThat's right.  The cocoa butter itself has antioxidants and fats that help with protecting your skin from the elements and keep it soft by locking in moisture it so desperately needs sometimes.  Heck it even improves your oral health!  It can reduce bad breath, relieve bleeding gums and even prevents cavities.  I mean honestly, now you know when someone has zombie breath you can look at them sweetly and offer then a piece of dark chocolate?!  Win, win right there; i tell ya what. 


That's right we all knew that we loved chocolate, but did you realize that chocolate can actually brighten your mood?  When eating chocolate you actually produce endorphins which gives you that divine-omg-i'm-in-heaven feeling; as well as it makes you produce serotonin which is actually your bodies natural anti-depressant, so call it your medication on a bad day!  These too little wonder workers can even help jump start your libido.  You heard me, it can actually help you in the bedroom, there's a GREAT reason to get edible body paints *giggle*.  Oh yes and too all you hubbies out there, it has even been shown to help cope with the dreaded PMS!!! OOOooooOOO, box of chocolates every time aunt flow comes to town?!  I just might not smother him in his sleep then! 


"A study led by Professor Ian Macdonald found that consumption of a cocoa drink rich in flavanols — a key ingredient of dark chocolate — boosts blood flow to key areas of the brain for two to three hours." [http://www.physorg.com/news91278813.html]
What exactly does that mean?  Well, it means it may help with improve your mental abilities and general alertness for a couple hours.  I guess much like a cup of coffee but WAY yummier and without the jitters lol.  It has even been shown that it helps enhance brain function for those fighting daily battles with chronic fatigue, sleep deprivation (eat up new mummies!!), and don't forget the nasty effects of aging.

As your hearts are palpitating at the thought that you have a GOOD reason to eat your chocolate I have EVEN more of them for you.  All the reasons your heart will say "thank you for that sweet dark chocolate!" 
"Yale University Associate Professor Dr. David Katz recently tested the blood pressure of 45 adults before and after eating dark chocolate. The results were impressive: just two hours after eating dark chocolate the subjects' blood pressure dropped and their blood flow improved." [http://www.allchocolate.com/health/basics/cardio.aspx]
That IS impressive!  What exactly does chocolate do for you?!  Well, it helps you relax letting your artery walls widen increasing blood flow, which in turn helps prevent a build up of plaque and even has an anti-blood clotting properties.  All of those things are important to help improve your heart health and to help PREVENT anything "heart-un-healthy." 

Dark chocolate contains the same properties found in red wine and some teas; they're called flavanols.  These are important "because they deactivate unstable molecules in your blood called free radicals."  Which can aggravate your blood cholesterol and create clogs in your, ever so precious, arteries.  They also manage to help with the production of nitric oxide which your artery walls need in order to relax and widen.  


Can chocolate help you on your weight loss journey?  Why yes, yes it can!  Believe it folks, dark chocolate has been proven to be an effective appetite suppressant.  Once piece of rich dark chocolate can punch out your cravings and help you last until dinner!  In fact it has actual chemicals in it to help suppress your craving for sweets! AMAZING! 

So what more could you possibly ask for from one of your fav food items?!  Not much right?  So your welcome lol "The little fat girl that could; making your favorite foods just THAT much more edible!"



  1. Oh chocolate! I love you and so glad there is an excuse to eat you!

  2. Mmmmm, Ok, I want dark chocolate right now!

  3. Dark chocolate is my favorite, so this made me grin a whole lot!