Friday, May 20, 2011

secret weapon

I want to let as many ppl as possible know about this thing, cause i NEED it to be in stores cause there is no way i can afford these + shipping :(!! especially since I want ONE daily lol!!!

Feel free to visit show some support and share it with your friends!!

I hope to do a future giveaway with them and i'm waiting to hear back!! Maybe it will be my FIRST giveaway!! OOooOOOOooo

On another note my main blog has been moved to its own domain!! 

I hope that this blog would be well on its way down that road, but i find it so hard to keep with one, let alone another. 

As to my wieght it has been the same, not one change.  Happy that i haven't gained... kinda sad that with all this nice weather I haven't made it continue to go down. 

I am hoping to contact a few companies about sponsoring me with a weight loss program.  No Idea how I will get that done with this blog being kinda slow lately.  But that is my fault.  I need to keep up and smarten up and stop slacking off so badly. 

I write a little one day, catch up and then BOOM... another whole week will go by and I wouldn't have done anything.  I have even been trying to focus getting my workouts to work with the kids that I now care for during the day.  Yes that is right, I am running an in home daycare... no wonder I have no time to do anything lol!! 

I have been working on kid friendly workouts to try to get the kids involved in them as well as make it easier for me to make sure I get a little workout daily too.  Please let me know if you have great ideas!! So far we are fans of songs with actions and lots of movement like "ring around the rosie" (old school version not the sugar coated one lol), "hokey pokey," and of course "head shoulders knees and toes."  I mean classics and easy to adapt to "work out" movements.  Even "happy as you know it" has great kid work out potential. 

But i will touch on this another time.  I will have to... maybe a Vlog will be in order??


  1. I feel your pain. I feel like I have no time for workouts lately. I was just starting to MAKE time, then found out my thyroid is hooped again, so now I must wait again. Booo.

    As for kid-friendly stuff, my boys LOVE to dance with me. I'll throw on some fast music and we'll dance around the house. They love it!


  2. Good luck with sponsorship!!

  3. I could hook you up with my contact if you want :)