Monday, June 13, 2011

new stats!!

I haven't been weighing myself since i've been so ill this last little while.  I know I have yet to still reply to some of your comments and the like I just barely have time to do anything and i've been really focusing on my main blog.  Making this one more of a bi-weekly blog that I will try to post on twice a week.  If I can make myself commit to twice a week I should be able to up it once I get used to that consistency. 

So without further ado I will release to you my stats!!!

WAS: 32.32 
NOW: 32.10

NOW: 87.4KG
LOSS OF: 0.6kg 

So I think that I can say that i'm happy with that, in fact happy enough since I have been ill and still managed to keep on track with everything.  Now I know it is slow going for me but I am again just constantly happy that I am continuing to loose.  It was soooo hard to even manage that before and here I am now!!  Closer and closer to never looking at the number 200 again!!!


  1. You look beautiful.

    Jackie @

  2. I just want to tell you how great it is that you're trying to lose weight. If you can just drop by my blog and inspire me. Share with me what inspires you because I can't get my butt up and go. I have tachycardia and I just feel like a failure because I get so tired so fast. It's embarrassing. LOVE YOU!!

  3. Congratulations!! You will achieve your goal!!! keep moving forward my friend..xo HHL

  4. I tried to start yesterday but I was so hungry today. So good for you for REALLY doing it!

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    Hope to see you there!


    Lexie Lane

  5. that's great! slow and steady is much better anyway as it means that the weight is more likely to stay off. very encouraging that you are willing to share your weight like that.

    keep up the good work :)

  6. Congratulations :)!

    I plan to start running again once the school part of the year starts for my kiddos...I've been so bad about watching what I eat and exercising over the last couple of years.

  7. I'm really enjoying reading your blog! Congrats! Anyway you could post lbs also? Thanks and have a good week!

  8. I want to say that you are not fat, you are plump and very attractive! You don't need to starve for losing weight...